Call to action

Shashaka Yoga, Jerry Linnemeijer, verleng je eigen streep, Fotografie: Wies Fotografie, Marie Louise Linnemeijer Fockens
By popular demand this time I wrote my blog in English. I hope it is not too inconvenient for you.

Just a couple of days ago I came across this site. It shows pictures of the devastation we inflict on this planet. I also read that if everyone in the world lived like a Dutchman, in order to be sustainable we would need more than 6 earths. Unfortunately we only have one planet, so we will not be sustainable this way.

Apart from that people, including children, and animals are dying from the consequences of poverty, hunger and disease. And there are so many more things wrong, I can not start to name them. All of this can be avoided and that upsets me a lot. I hate to live in a world where all of this happens.

You can agree and disagree with me but the facts are there. We are consuming more than this planet, the only planet we have, can provide and people are dying fom hunger, poverty and disease. And the important thing is that we can change all of that. I even think we have a responsibility to change it. Or as I say more often: "It is not your fault that the world is as it is, but it will be your fault if it stays that way."

And it doesn't really matter how big your contribution is. Sydney Smith wrote more than a century ago: "It is the greatest mistake of all to do nothing, because you can do only little. Do what you can." It all comes down to the choice to start changing something, however small.

I decided to make changes myself, because my conscience could not stand it any longer. I made quite some small choices, which now result in having a lifestyle that only needs 2,5 planets to sustain. I am fully aware that we do not have 2,5 planets either, so I need to keep making choices to further decrease this. And it is my intention to keep doing that.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you should all live like me. Far from that. Please live your life exactly as you want to. I will not judge you for that at all. Unless you are like Beyonce, pouring $ 20.000,- a bottle Champaign in your bath. In that case I will totally judge the hell out of you.

The only thing I am asking, is for you to make a small change in order to get a lifestyle that takes less planets to sustain than your current lifestyle does. Or do something else. Even if it only makes a 0,001% change, you already made this world a much better place.

I will not tell you what to change. As mentioned before, this is totally up to you. You know full well what changes are necessary. Please make these changes before we lose everything that is dear to us.